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A.I.R. Advocacy

Advocacy is one of the most important functions undertaken by the Association.  A.I.R. advocates on behalf of its members based on policy positions across the four core areas of Financial, Aged Care Reform, Health Care Reform and Social Welfare to advance and protect their interests and independent lifestyles.

 Advocacy is undertaken in a variety of ways:

  • Detailed formal submissions directly to decision makers
  • Deputations
  • Representations on Boards, Committee etc
  • Presentations to Commissions, Inquiries etc

Advocacy is made across the full spectrum of jurisdictions i.e. Federal, State, Regional and Local Governments and statutory Commissions, Inquiries and NGO Agencies. In some cases advocacy is undertaken in conjunction with kindred organisations to bring the weight of numbers to issues of common interest. Over many years the advocacy undertaken by A.I.R. has brought about many benefits to fully and partially self-funded retirees.

For A.I.R.’s current Policy and Advocacy Position Statement, click here

Details of current and past advocacy A.I.R. initiatives have been grouped according to the relevant area of jurisdiction.

Members Note: See LIFESTYLE ISSUES   for information on initiatives and actions undertaken by kindred organisations on issues of common interest.

Federal Government

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State Government

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Regional and Local Government

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Commissions, Inquiries and NGO Agencies

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