Our Advocacy Wins

Our ongoing advocacy ensures benefits and concessions available to retirees today

Advocacy Wins

“The most pressing issues are preserving what we have and interpreting government legislation.” Member comment - AIR Member survey

Advocacy Achievements

Many of the benefits and concessions available to retirees today have resulted from ongoing advocacy by the Association of Independent Retirees (AIR) as follows:

  • Abolition of work test for super contributions over age 65
  • Reduced minimum draw down percentages for superannuation pensions during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Residential Aged Care:
    • Greater security and protection for aged care residents
    • More effective Complaints Resolution
    • Funding for training of Residential Care staff
  • Retention of Refund of unused Franking Credit credits
  • Pathway to permanent residency for 410 Retirement Visa holders
  • Energy supplement for CSHC holders before Sep 2016
  • Clean Energy supplement introduced for Partly self-funded retirees
  • Clean Energy Advance (one-off) paid to Partly self-funded retirees
  • Reduced minimum draw down percentages for superannuation pensions during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC)
  • Seniors Concession Allowances for Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
    holders including State and Local Government rebates for power, phone, gas, water, vehicle registration, drivers licence, council rates
  • Simplification of Superannuation and introduction of account based pensions with no maximum limit or tax for super withdrawals in retirement phase
  • Upon retirement, family farm not counted in pension asset test if retained
    by family members (extended land use)
  • Phasing out of Superannuation Contribution Surcharge
  • Accommodation Bond for Residential Aged Care exempt from the Assets test.
  • Medicare Levy Low Income Threshold raised
  • Tax reform with higher income thresholds and lower personal tax rates
  • Aged Pension Assets test exemption for lifetime income streams
  • Senior Australian Tax Offset (SATO) introduced and thresholds increased over time
  • PBS safety net benefit for holders of CSHC
  • Provisional Tax abolished and replaced by PAYG
  • Abolition of tax on unrealised capital gains
  • Introduction of cash refunds of unused Franking credits
  • Capital from sale of an eligible small business may be rolled over into a superannuation fund without being subjected to Capital Gains Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax (GCT) indexation replaced by 50% CGT (If assets are held more than one year)
  • Lifetime Community Health cover applied with private health insurance
  • Introduction of Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC)
  • Medicare safety net benefit introduced
  • Rebates for private health insurance introduced